CREST manufactures a range of Acrylic Polyols, Thermosetting acrylics & polyester polyols for Automotive, Aerospace, OEMS & refinish paint. They impart excellent weathering resistance, good chemical resistance, high gloss & DOI /stone chip, high hardness with good impact resistance, and good pigment dispersibility. It’s superior in adhesion to both metal and composites,plastic substrates make it useful for both these industries. The major application areas of Acrylic Polyol Superior Top coat is with Aliphatic Isocyanate type curing agent for steel, plastic substrates

CREST offers a range of DCPD and general quality Unsaturated Polyester resins for Automotive Putty application.

based putty resins possess good mechanical properties and good chemical resistance. Also it can be cured at ambient temperature and give good flexibility, sanding properties, adhesion and stability. Major application areas are automotive body fillers, heavy vehicle putty, and patching & sealing compound. C’POL resins impart excellent applying performances to putty. This makes it eminently suitable for rework on metal surfaces (such as automobiles and domestic applications) that requires fast curing at room temperatures.

These putties are mainly used for levelling, smoothening up and cover up of blemishes, such as pin-shaped cavities, cracks, marginal welding lines and impact damage areas. This forms a vital step in the overall process of painting top grade automobiles and two wheelers.

Epoxy based silicone resins are specially designed for coatings of Mufflers for continuous high temperature resistance for a prolonged time. It is suggested for coatings on the internal combustion exhaust pipe of 2&4 wheelers, industrial fasteners. They ensure continuous heat resistance, good gloss retention, scratch resistance and good pigment compatibility.

For use in the SMC process, Vinyl Ester resins are modified by introducing chemical functionality into the vinyl ester molecules. This makes it particularly suitable for manufacture of under-the-bonnet automotive components.