Building and Construction

Building and construction is an industry with an ever-increasing need to balance structural integrity, usability, and long-term durability against overall material weight.

Resins are widely used in building as adhesives, coatings or as a construction material when a strong bond is required. For example, for laminated wood construction. Resins are also popular in the decoration of self-leveling floors and architectural surfaces enabling the use of recycled materials. That’s why industry leaders turn to CREST for the creation of stronger, lighter, more resistant substitutes for traditional materials. CREST’s wide range of thermoset Epoxy and Polyester resins provides solutions to maintain balance between performance, cost and weight and to help you deliver superior end products in virtually every aspect of the construction process.

CREST’s C’POL 7000 series of Bisphenol A Epoxy based Vinyl Ester Resin is lightweight compared to steel while offering very high-tensile performances. The resins being fully resistant to corrosion, electrically non-conductive, having low thermal conductivity and transparent to magnetic fields and radio frequencies are an ideal choice for Poly Concrete and Rebar (Reinforced Steel) construction.

Its series of non-accelerated Vinyl ester Resins possess higher impact strength and are excellent for high speed Pultrusion processing with improved finish and reduced shrinkage. The resin is environment friendly on account of low styrene emission.

Along with that, our C’POL range of Unsaturated polyester resins based on Terephthalic acid have the ability to endure high filler loading with compatibility to low profile additives, providing ease of application in the fabrication of a wide range of FRP structures by hand lay up, filament winding and other conventional fabrication techniques at the same time possessing better chemical, mechanical and electrical properties.

We continue to push the limits to find just the right balance between usability and workability with strength and integrity to save you both time and energy, which, when saved, has a positive impact on your bottom line.

The combination of CREST products, technology, application expertise and solutions creates a usable and functional palette of options to easily spread success and cement your future with success.