Composite Resins

Crest manufactures a wide and diversified range of Unsaturated Polyesters, Vinyl Esters and Acrylate resins for a variety of processes and applications. As a key manufacturer of High Quality UPR and other resins our products are being extensively used in the composite resins.

The Vinyl ester range of resins, are amongst the best in the industry being used for various chemical projects as also for other specialized application.

1. Chemical resistant Unsaturated polyester and Vinyl Ester Resins using Hand -layup/Filament winding process for the manufacture of chemical Tanks, pipes, ducts, scrubbers etc. These resins are approved and specified by large chemical Industries for use in their various projects. Some of the largest and specialized chemical equipment manufacturer in India and abroad have been using C’POL products regularly since over two decades now.

2. Glassflake coating for chemical resistant application: CPOL range of resins enjoy exclusively in this application with our products having been approved globally by multinational firms post a stringent evaluation procedure conducted at their end. The range of products include Bisphenol A, Expoxy based vinyl ester resins, Novalac epoxy based superior vinyl ester resin and Isophthalic polyester resin.

3. Resins for Pultrusion process based on UPR/VE and acrylates for manufacture of Gratings, Rebars, structural components, optical fibre strengthening members, cable trays etc. As a exclusive manufacturer of some of these specialized products, we have been catering to many of the pultrusion customers on a regular basis since last many years.

4. Resins for Sheet Moulding Compound/Dough Moulding compound based on Unsaturated Polyester Resin/Vinyl Ester resin for a wide ranging application such as modular panel tanks, junction boxes and other electrical components, both external and under the hood application component etc. Our customer list for these resins include Tata Automotive Composites, Mahindra Composites, Sintex etc.,

5.Fire Retardant Resins: CREST’s range of Fire Resistant (FR) resins is available in Halogenated and Non Halogenated versions and meets different FR standards for Railways, Marine, Mass transportation and general applications. Specific grades for low, very low and V0 flammability standards are available and are customized to meet specific customer requirements. This resin is useful in hand lay-up & spray up applications where excellent fire retardant properties like Low Smoke Density, Oxygen Index, Flame spread along with mechanical strength are required.

6. Pigmented Gelcoats and special additives.

With its strong R & D focus, CSRPL also manufactures a host of tailor made products like pigmented gel coats and special additives for specific customers for varied application viz. synthetic marble Granites, putty, wind mill components, automobile components etc.

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