CREST’s range of Fire Resistant (FR) resins and Gelcoat is available in Halogenated and Non Halogenated versions and meets different FR standards for Railways, Marine, Mass transportation and general applications.

FR grades are available in:

  • Terephthalic
  • Orthophthalic
  • Isophthalic
  • Isophthalic NPG
  • Vinyl Esters

Halogenated FR

Our halogenated series of cost effective FR resins and gelcoats meet IS 6746 and UL 94 standards. Specific grades for low, very low and V0 flammability standards are available and are customized to meet specific customer requirements. This resin is useful in hand lay up pultrusion and filament winding applications with excellent fire retardant properties, electrical impedance and resistance to corrosive chemicals and water.

Typical FR Properties of FR Resins is as under:

Low Flammability V. Low Flammability RTM Grade
After First Flaming Flame spread less than 35 mm Flame extinguishes within 10 seconds Flame extinguishes within 10 seconds
After Second Flaming NA Flame extinguishes within 10 seconds Flame extinguishes within 10 seconds

Non Halogenated FR

CREST’s C’POL range of Fire Retardant Unsaturated Polyester Resin designed to offer the maximum degree of Limiting Oxygen Index, Low Smoke Density. This resin is useful in hand lay up & spray up applications where excellent fire retardant properties like Low Smoke Density, Oxygen Index, Flame spread along with mechanical strength is required.

Above mentioned FR resins meet the following standards:

  • NCD 1409
  • UIC 564-2 appendix 4 & 15
  • ASTM D 2863-13
  • EN 45545 (HL2 STANDARDS)
  • E 84 (CLASS B)

Specific FST requirements of Indian Railways are met by Resin grades in this series.

Toxicity Index(NCD 1409) <1.0
Resistance to Flame spread (UIC 564-2 appdx. 4) Class A
Limiting Oxygen Index(ASTM D 2863-13) >28%
Smoke Density(UIC 564-2 appdx. 15) Class A
Heat Release Rate(EN 45545/2/2013) R1 (HL2)