Crest stands as a trusted provider of resin solutions designed to meet the unique demands of the Building & Construction Industry.

Our extensive range of resin products contributes to the durability, strength, and sustainability of construction materials and structures. Whether it's formulating resilient coatings or specialty resins, Crest delivers solutions that enhance the performance and longevity of construction components. Our commitment to innovation and quality ensures that Crest remains a valuable partner in advancing the capabilities of the construction industry and, thus, contributes to the world's infrastructure!

Crest’s C’POL 7000 Series of Bisphenol A Vinyl Ester Resin:

The infrastructure industry demands an ever-increasing need to balance structural integrity, usability, and long-term durability against overall material weight. Over the years, Crest has supplied the construction industry with stronger, lighter, and more resistant substitutes for traditional materials.

Products like Crest’s Thermoset Epoxy and Polyester resins provide the right solutions to balance performance, cost, and weight, leading to a more efficient and robust construction process. Our key offering for the construction industry, the C’POL 7000 Series of Bisphenol, offers several benefits that make them the ideal choice for Poly Concrete and Rebar (Reinforced Steel) construction.:

Salient Features:

Crest’s C’POL range of Unsaturated polyester resins

Our products are designed to have higher impact strength and are excellent for high-speed Pultrusion processing with improved finish and reduced shrinkage. Our C’POL range of Unsaturated polyester resins based on Terephthalic acid is another range of resins that bolsters the efficacy of the construction industry with benefits like:


Crest offers a wide range of resins specifically designed and formulated for the pultrusion industry. We offer resins for Pultrusion process are based on UPR, vinyl ester and acrylates for manufacture of rebars, structural components, cooling tower, optical fibre strengthening members, cable trays etc. Our C’POL resins offer faster curing cycles and hence improve productivity. Our resins are compatible with different high-temperature curing automated processes. Our resins are designed for superior design flexibility, dimensional accuracy, strength, and corrosion resistance. As a leading manufacturer of these specialized products, we have been catering to the renowned pultrusion manufacturers of the country for over two decades now.

Wood Coating

Our advanced resins deliver superior protection for your furniture, both indoors and outdoors. We offer heat-curable or UV-curable chemistries to achieve the perfect finish and increase the life of wood. Products: Unsaturated Polyester Polyol, Epoxy Acrylate, Polyester Acrylate, Polyester Polyol, and Alkyd Polyol

Unmatched Protection and Performance: