Crest excels in producing and supplying high-quality resin solutions tailored for the kitchenware industry. Our specialized resin products are instrumental in enhancing the durability, safety, and aesthetic appeal of various kitchenware items.

From formulating coatings that ensure resistance to wear and staining to developing materials for utensils and surfaces, Crest's resin innovations contribute to the reliability and performance of kitchenware products. With a focus on excellence and continuous innovation, Crest has catalyzed the development of kitchenware resins, which has led to safer and more hygienic products.

Silicone-modified polyester resins

The outer surface of non-stick cookware demands sustained heat resistance, especially when placed directly on a flame to safeguard it. Addressing this need, CREST's robust and dedicated R&D team has innovatively formulated a coating resin based on silicone-modified Polyester.

This groundbreaking innovation positions CREST as a leading manufacturer of silicone-modified polyester resin in India, serving as a direct substitute for established equivalent products and playing a vital role in developing fire-resistant coatings. Benefits of this innovation include: