Crest takes pride in crafting high-performance resin solutions tailored to the unique demands of the marine sector.

Our specialized resin products play a pivotal role in enhancing marine components' durability, corrosion resistance, and overall structural integrity. Crest's resin innovations contribute to the reliability and longevity of marine structures and vessels. With a focus on excellence and continuous innovation, Crest stands as a trusted partner in the marine industry.

CREST offers a Lloyd’s Register of Shipping (LRS)-approved range of resins and gel coats with long-lasting performance and excellent aesthetics.

At Crest, our team has continuously strived to innovate resins that help the marine industry maximize its safety and durability. One such effort is our range of C’POL Resins, which possesses medium reactivity and is useful for the fabrication of a wide range of hand-molded FRP structures for the Marine and Chemical Industry. This range of resins offers several benefits :

The low emission feature makes it an ideal resin for use in the fabrication of large structures, viz. Boat Hulls, Super Structures, Storage tanks, etc, while providing supreme hydrolytic stability.