Be a part of India’s leading Resin Manufacturer and access an environment that is focused on Positivity, Growth, and Bonhomie!

If you are a growth-driven individual waiting to explore the avenues of professional and personal growth, Crest is the right place for you!

With a journey that spans nearly three decades, Crest aspires to combine the time-tested values of mutual respect and shared growth with evolving into a stronger and leaner organizational structure, making every member of our team a force to reckon with. opportunities for limitless growth or devising inclusive policies for the well-being of our team members, Crest’s rapidly evolving team is the ideal launchpad for your career that will enable you to achieve the growth you desire! Learn more about our life at Crest

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Why you should work with us?

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Bonhomie-driven Culture

At Crest, every team member is a friend you can rely on, consult, and help advance. By bringing together the vibe of a startup through innovative team-building initiatives and a track record of 30 years, we help our employees access the best of both worlds.

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Growth and Personal Development

Our philosophy lies in cultivating an environment where our employees access growth opportunities that allow the company to grow as a result. With various learning initiatives and opportunities to advance one’s development, Crest is the right home for those seeking to channel their desire for growth!

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Since Crest’s inception, the company has developed a deeply ingrained culture of evolution, as we believe that change is the only constant. Today, the company is a professionally run organization and is geared to build on its foundation to carry forward its legacy.

Industries Served

Chlor Alkali

Chemical Plants

Pulp & Paper

Power Plant

Fertilizer Industry

Mineral Processing

Wastewater & Desalination

Food & Beverage

Petrochem Industry

Building & Construction