Crest is a trusted name in the manufacturing of resin products that ensure the safety, hygiene, and longevity of various components used in food processing and packaging.

Can Coating is an important part of the food and beverage industry. These cans preserve the taste and nutritional values of their filling for up to years. Due to long storage times, the interactions between the packaging and food must be minimized. Cans are typically coated with an organic layer that protects their integrity from the food's effects and prevents chemical reactions between the can’s metal and the food.

CREST Manufactures Custom Estropol resins for the Food and Beverage Industry

At Crest, our team believes in the power of innovation to ensure the safety and hygiene of food packaging. As a result, we have developed a range of Estropol resins, a saturated polyester specifically designed for can coating. We pride ourselves in adhering to the best practices recognized by international certification bodies for manufacturing, product qualification, and occupational health and safety. Further, Crest complies with the latest can basecoat, topcoat, and overcoat varnish industry standards.