At Crest, we aim to accelerate the smooth flow of information across the world with a wide range of resins designed to help the Telecom and Communication Industry.

The explosion of digital and electronic communications has made the world smaller and more accessible for people around the world. In this hyperpaced world, CREST ensures that you stay connected and up to date by providing communication at the speed of light. Over the years, we have innovated a wide range of resins for the telecom industry to achieve operational efficiency and durability.

Crest’s Products for the Telecom Industry:

A fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) rod is used as a strengthening member in optical fiber cables. These give excellent tensile strength while retaining high stiffness, avoiding cable buckling over its entire life. Crest specializes in manufacturing resins for jacketing, fiber coatings, and the tubes that carry the fiber strands within the cables. These are available as: