Sustainable Development is a core commitment & is achieved through a series of Technical measures that help us reduce our Carbon Footprint

We are committed to continuing our efforts towards a more sustainable future

  • We have Zero Liquid Discharge at each unit.
  • Introduced high-performance products with styrene-free, low VOC, and bio-based products that help us to reduce the carbon footprint
  • We have made notable initiatives to transition from conventional fossil fuels to solar energy. As of today, approximately 10% of our power requirement is fulfilled through the use of solar energy
  • We have installed the rainwater harvesting system at both plants to reduce water consumption
Sustainablity at Crest
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CREST is in process of developing environment friendly and sustainable products for Composites and Coatings. They are The foundation of our success is based on innovation and consistent value addition, brought to fruition by a proficient task force. Over the years, we have worked alongside customers from across the industrial spectrum. Along with our growth, we are also proud of our contribution to the nation’s growth through quality-focused products that exceed expectations.

  • Low temperature cure polyester system
  • Bio-polyester for coil coating line
  • High line speed products
  • High solid and solventless products
  • UV and Radiation cure products
  • Inorganic composite/coating products
  • Low styrene and Styrene free products
  • Composite applications related to light weighting in automobiles/mass transport to reduce overall carbon footprint.
Sustainablity Efforts

Sustainable Development is a core commitment for everyone at Crest. We are committed to continuous growth while being mindful of the future of our planet. Our team has ideated various initiatives across all our plants to reduce our carbon footprint.

CREST has a Closed Circuit system preventing exposure to workers and the environment.We have reduced emission levels to 20% of permissible limits by Changing over to ESP.
We have installed Rainwater harvesting at Dharward Unit and Manufacturing unit at Kheda.We have also reduced domestic water consumption by using recycled water form STP.
We have switched over to Eco-Friendly Bio-fuel from conventional fuels. We have installed a Captive Solar Energy generation system at Kheda.
Being environmentally conscious, Crest helps and encourages initiatives to keep the area green and pollution free. Regular tree plantation drives are conducted by the management and employees within and around the plant site.

At Crest, our commitment to Collective Growth is a part of our fabric and is realised through Community-focused endeavours.

At CREST, We recognise that giving back to society is the best way to inspire our community.

  • We actively contribute to the well-being of the communities where we operate. Our Community Efforts program is dedicated to supporting local organizations, with a key focus on initiatives to aid underprivileged children's education. This includes supporting projects for free meals, school infrastructure development, toilet facilities, and more.
  • Additionally, we actively engage in workforce development initiatives by collaborating with schools and colleges to offer internships, scholarships, and job training programs. We firmly believe that through collaborative efforts with our communities, we can collectively shape a brighter future for all.
CSR at Crest
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CREST’s Community Efforts start by taking care of the closest community it has - the Employees.

At CREST, We recognise that giving back to society is the best way to inspire our community.

  • Health and Safety : At Crest, prioritizing the well-being of our employees, customers, and communities is vital. We have established a thorough health and safety policy to guarantee the safe and responsible conduct of our operations.
  • Safety Training : Our efforts comprise frequent safety training for employees, hazard assessments, and the utilisation of personal protective equipment. Additionally, we perform regular inspections and audits of our facilities to detect potential hazards and implement necessary corrective actions.
  • HAZOP : We have state-of-the-art hazardous storage facilities complying with regulatory norms and do periodic HAZOP studies to minimize or mitigate occupational hazards and eliminate safety concerns of workers.
HAZOP & Safety
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