One of the main problems, the industries face is metal corrosion due to a corrosive chemical environment.

Wherever metals are the basic material of construction, they are susceptible to chemical attack and the resulting corrosion eventually causes failure of the unit whether it be equipment, machinery, or storage and transport containers/vessels.

In many cases, special alloys have been used to overcome corrosion problems. However, the use of special alloys is a high-cost option making it prohibitive for use.

The urgent need for the chemical industry, therefore, is to use alternate materials that would ensure:

CREST offers different families of resins to combat chemical corrosion. Extensive R&D and application-oriented product development ensures that the ANTICOR series resists a broad spectrum of chemicals and their attack.

Our range of resins offers long-term corrosion protection under the severe conditions of corrosive fluids.

The chemistry of stearic hindrance, aromatic moiety, crystallinity modification etc. is exploited completely to enable maximum resistance to a given chemical environment and provide :

CREST spreads the wealth of its knowledge and sophisticated chemistry across applications to combat corrosion.