A Deep-Rooted focus on Quality Assurance and Optimum Customer Satisfaction

Crest strongly believes that Quality is more than just a Promise, It's Genuine Performance.

CSRPL’S focus has always been to ensure unmatched, consistent and International quality of all its products, processes and services. Stringent controls and continuous monitoring coupled with superior technology ensure product quality while the Company’s dynamic systems ensure process and service quality. To ensure that all processes are up to International Standards at all times, the Company’s systems and process are compliant to ISO 9001 : 2015 – certified by Intertek.

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Specializing in the production and distribution of top-tier resins for diverse industrial applications, Crest maintains a robust Quality Assurance Program to ensure adherence to stringent quality standards.

Since our inception, we have consistently delivered products renowned for our unwavering quality and dependable performance. Our products adhere to global quality benchmarks, making them the preferred choice for customers. Leveraging manufacturing expertise and a commitment to excellence, we consistently surpass both performance and customer expectations.

Our Meticulous Product Design and manufacturing processes are geared towards ensuring the safety, reliability, and compliance of our products with the requisite quality standards.

A Continuous Improvement Program remains integral to our operations, dedicated to the ongoing enhancement of the quality of our products and processes.

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Our Quality Policy

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Consistent Delivery

We are committed to consistently supply existing as well as future products as per agreed customer satisfaction, and following applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

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Continuius Upgrade

We shall strive to bring in continual improvement to their products as well as Quality Management System through communication, involvement and training of employees so that we stay customerfocused

Industries Served

Chlor Alkali

Chemical Plants

Pulp & Paper

Power Plant

Fertilizer Industry

Mineral Processing

Wastewater & Desalination

Food & Beverage

Petrochem Industry

Building & Construction