Crest is committed to innovating resin solutions catering to the unique needs of the railways and mass transportation sector.

Our specialized resin products play a crucial role in enhancing transportation components' durability, safety, and performance. From formulating lightweight and high-strength composite materials for vehicle structures to developing coatings that withstand challenging environmental conditions, Crest's commitment to excellence ensures that we remain a trusted partner, delivering cutting-edge resin solutions that meet the standards of the dynamic transportation industry.

Crest Manufactures Quality Fire Resistant Resins and Gelcoats:

CREST offers the widest range of halogenated and non-halogenated fire-retardant resins complying with the latest industry standards and specifications such as EN 45545 HL2/HL3, and ASTM E84. We offer the broadest choices of FR resins and gel coats, coupled with expert technical and sales support to meet the evolving needs of global customers in railways, marine, and mass transportation.

Halogenated FR

Our halogenated series of cost-effective FR resins and gel coats comply with IS 6746 and UL 94 standards. Specific grades for low, very low, and V0 flammability standards are available and are customized to meet specific customer requirements. This resin is useful in hand lay-up, pultrusion, and filament winding applications with excellent fire-retardant properties, electrical impedance, and resistance to corrosive chemicals and water.

Typical FR Properties of FR Resins is as under :

Low Flammability V. Low Flammability RTM Grade
After First Flaming Flame spread less than 35 mm Flame extinguishes within 10 seconds Flame extinguishes within 10 seconds
After Second Flaming NA Flame extinguishes within 10 seconds Flame extinguishes within 10 seconds

Non-Halogenated FR

Our C’POL range of Fire-Retardant Resin is designed to ensure the safety of mass transit vehicles such as trains. With hand lay-up and spray-up applications, our range of resin offers excellent fire-retardant properties along with benefits like:

Our resins are compatible with pultrusion, resin transfer molding(RTM), hand layup, and vacuum infusion processes. Our FST grades meet the following fire safety standards :

Toxicity Index (NCD 1409)   1.0
Resistance to flame spread (UIC564/2 appendix 4) Class A
Limiting Oxygen Index (ASTM D2863/13)  28%
Smoke Density (UIC 564/2 appendix 15) Class A
Heat Release Rate (EN 45545-2 2015) R1 (HL2, HL3)

Gel Coat

Crest offers innovative and high-performance gel coats with durability and is compatible with hand layup and spray applications.

We offer a wide range of FR/non-FR, pigmented/non-pigmented gel coats that are suitable for the following applications :

Gel coat Types :

Special Features :