Unsaturated Polyester Resins

We are one of the leading suppliers of unsaturated polyester resins in India. We offer the widest range of UPR covering conventional to advanced composite applications. Our resins are designed for tough environments and to withstand the most critical applications of the composite industry. Resins offered by us are compatible with Pultrusion, Mouldtrusion, Hand layup, SMC/DMC, RTM/VRTM, and Filament winding process. These resins are approved and specified by leading engineering consultants of the industry for use in their various projects.

Crest UPR resins deliver impeccable performance throughout the value chain


Purpose Product Type Application
General Purpose Orthophtalic Resin Pultrusion, Mouldtrusion
High Mechanical Strength Terephthalic Resin Hand Layup, RTM
High Chemical Resistance Isophthalic Resin Vacum Infusion, Filament Winding